Friday, July 28, 2006

Let's eat: Lucky Devils

Comparisons are odious, as the saying goes. But after last Friday's Wagyu burger at bld, this Friday's Kobe burger (different name, same type of beef, they tell me) begs to be considered.

I like Lucky Devils. The menu is straightforward: burgers, salads, organic hot dogs in various modes of dress, and grilled cheese (!!!). Fabulous desserts, and ice creamy creations that are already well known. And a Beers of All Nations menu, as well.

The burger--with Maytag Blue and sauteed onions--is terrific....but the Wagyu at bld was more flavorful. The fries were crisp and hot, but I missed the pommes allumettes at bld. See, the Biffles Lunch Team member and I had a great lunch--she had a tasty spinach salad--it's just too bad we went to bld first.

The proprietor of Lucky Devils is actor, former Black Beret, and Diet Coke hunk Lucky Vanous. There he was, behind the counter, garnishing plates and looking great. But if he had shot a grin my way, or even better, circulated among the tables checking in with the patrons, seems to me he'd be adding a lot more value to the experience, and pulling in a lot more repeat business from locals, since the tourists will always come and go. Is he doing great business without the personal touch? Or is he shy? What's more attractive than a shy hunk? (that's a rhetorical question)

Verdict: I'll definitely go back. There's a chili dog on the menu, after all (healthy! organic!). And I didn't have room for a cupcake. Lucky Devils has its heart in the right place...I just want a little more love. (Is that so wrong?)

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