Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Brenda Lee Johnson, girl geek

The Closer has become my summer cop show of choice, since neither the Jerry Bruckheimer nor Dick Wolf empire produces new shows in the summer. And Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson is good company of an evening.

She's brisk, never conciliatory, and as her boss (played by former Law and Order shrink J.K. Simmons -- what, did he leave psychiatry for the law?) said about her this week, "She sometimes forgets there are other people in the world." She is unfailingly polite, but her manners are simply that -- she says "thank yew" to the guilty and the innocent. So what if she occasionally forgets that other people have feelings? She knows it...she's sorry...she'll do better...someday...maybe.

The TNT site, linked above, has some good Brenda lines in sound samples, but also dumbass promos like "Brenda's Southern recipes." She may love her sweet tea, but Brenda's got better things to do with her time. I relate to her geekitude--I don't need to know how an imaginary character makes cornbread.

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