Thursday, July 13, 2006

If it quacks like a duck....

Queer Duck is a new feature-length animated laff fest, based on the short that ran on (also home to the late lamented Zombie College). With his trademark saturation comedy, incorporating broad strokes of shtick, an onslaught of "in" jokes, and zillions of little digs, Mike Reiss follows the travails of Queer Duck, his long-suffering companion Openly Gator, and their pals Oscar Wildcat and Bi-Polar Bear. There are celebrity cameos and (spoiler alert!), David Duchovny as the voice of Jesus, surely the most unsurprising voice-over casting this year.

Queer Duck has been screened around over the last few weeks (as part of Outfest in L.A., for example) and is released on DVD next week.

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