Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lady Heather's Wisdom

So last night, I got my crime-show fix (full disclosure: My name is Biffles and I am addicted to "Law and Order," but occasionally cheat with other crime shows) by watching an evening rerun of the original "CSI"....turned out to be the first episode featuring Lady Heather, the mistress of what seems to be a high-end dungeon. (Note: Doesn't that house look awfully....New England for Las Vegas? Or even Santa Clarita, where they shoot most of the non-Vegas exteriors?)

Anyway, in one sequence, Catherine Willowes and Lady Heather are girl-bonding (Catherine comments on the great outfits that dominatrices get to wear) and Lady Heather says, when my daughter was old enough to understand, I taught her that you can give a man your body, your money, your heart, but never give him your power.

Wow, Lady H, thanks! Didn't recall this from my first viewing of the episode...maybe I wasn't ready for Lady H's zen at the time....

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Anonymous said...

So does that mean your power is in your mind or your qi?