Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Let's eat and drink way too much: Sgt Recruiter

Not all that long ago, L and I visited Sgt. Recruiter, a new wine bar next to Cobras and Matadors, and also run by Steven Arroyo, in Los Feliz (although some would peg that block as East Hollywood). We drank. We ate. We drank some more, and then some more. At some point onion rings became dessert (I know, highfalutin' tastes).

In any case, my review of Sgt. Recruiter ran in LAist here and was also linked to EatingLA here. FYI, I made the evening sound a lot less bibulous than it was, and left out the mention of staggering home up the hill on Vermont while the ground somehow reeled beneath my feet. But go and try the Gruet Blanc de Blancs, fab bubbly from New Mexico and sold out on the winery's website!

Photo from Gypsy D's photostream on Flickr.