Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My thoughts on Mel...

My first reaction to the Mel Gibson debacle: You can't make this s**t up, can you?

Seconds later: Thanks, Mel, for giving the world a great comedic opportunity to whale on your anti-Semitic ass. Your alcoholism is the least of your problems.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have both been funny in their coverage of the coverage, but the best response is Maureen Dowd's in today's New York Times. She talked to pundit and litterateur Leon Wieseltier.

Unfortunately, the piece is hidden behind the dreaded TimesSelect. If you have it, or have the actual paper today, read it.

After what Wieseltier has to say (e.g. "He has been a very bad goy") I have no more to add, except for props to Amy Pascal at going on the record with her opinion.

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Huffles said...

Agreed on Dowd/Leon. Hilarious! It's in today's SF Chronicle.
rcoqurya (they said I had to type this to post).